Syndicated columnist and filmmaker Anthony Paull will release his first novel, Outtakes of A Walking Mistake, as an eBook on October 11, 2011.

Outtakes chronicles the romantic ups and downs of a gay 16 yr. old boy named Tyler Morris, who auditions for a student film to woo Billy Greske, the resident celebrity thespian. The plan seems promising until Tyler’s bipolar best friend Jenny offers love advice and a local skater takes interest in Tyler as well.

“I started writing Outtakes ten years ago, because I couldn’t find many books for gay teens with a romantic twist,” Paull states. “This is not a coming out story. Tyler is out and proud.”

A Florida writer, Paull publishes the syndicated column, The Dating Diet, in 13 periodicals and online outlets. As an entertainment journalist, Paull has provided coverage at such prestigious festivals as Sundance and SXSW.

“I love journalism work, but my heart has always been in creative fiction,” Paull states. “Outtakes is particularly important to me because it gives gay kids a funny, sexy story without the smut. I think it’s a book genre that has been lacking. Most of the gay-themed books I see are coming out stories or erotica. Boring!”

Paull’s latest short story, Love for Sale, was included in the anthology Cool Thing: Best New Fiction from Young Gay Writers.

Paull states Outtakes is a comedic love story at heart but has serious elements depicting real-life teen issues such as bullying and prescription pill abuse.

“Certain publishing houses wanted me to change the story, either making the lead character straight or a zombie,” Paull states. “But I wouldn’t waver. I wanted gay kids to have a plausible, emotional roller-coaster of a love story just like everyone else.”

As a filmmaker, Paull has released two short films, The Green, Green Heart and The Once and Future Me. Each film has screened at selected film festivals across North America and is currently available online. Last July, Paull wrapped production on the first music video for the electrorock quartet, MeteorEYES.

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